sas programming for business analytics course

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a programming language used for data analysis, statistical modeling, and business intelligence. It is widely used in business analytics for analyzing large data sets, performing data mining, and generating reports and visualizations. There is increasing demand in the graduate labor market for analysts with SAS programming skills. Join GB training & placement centre to get best SAS Programming for Business Analytics Training in Chandigarh.

Course content

Chapter 1. SAS Programming I: Essentials
  • Navigate the SAS windowing environment
  • Read various types of data into SAS data sets
  • Validate and clean SAS data sets
  • Create SAS variables and s subset data
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Create and enhance listing and summary reports
Chapter 2. SAS Programming II: Manipulation Data with DATA step
  • Control SAS data set input and output
  • Combine SAS data sets
  • Summarize, read, and write different ty pes of data
  • Perform DO lo op and SAS array processing
  • Transform character, numeric, and date variables
Chapter 3. SAS Certification Review

This course can help prepare you for the following certification exam(s): SAS Base Programming Exam for SAS 9.2

  • Read, create, and combine SAS data sets
  • Read and create raw data files
  • Create variables using the assignment statement and using conditional processing
  • Manipulate date using SAS functions
  • Process data with DO loops and with arrays
  • Create different types of reports using the PRINT procedure, the REPORT procedure, the FR EQ procedure, or the MEANS procedure
  • Create formats with the FORMAT procedure
  • Create HTML reports with ODS

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