sap production planning course

SAP PP (Production Planning) is functional module in SAP. This module mainly deals with production process like capacity planning, Master production scheduling, Material requirement planning shop floor etc. The PP module of SAP takes care of Master data needed like Bill of Materials (BOMs), Routing and Work Centres and stores it in one separate component. SAP Production Planning support the planning for the types and quantities of products on demand to assist production. It includes procurement, warehousing and the transportation of materials and intermediate products from one stage of production to another as well as resource allocation to complete the production process in a timely manner. Join GB training & placement centre to get SAP Production Planning Training in Chandigarh.

Course content

Chapter 1. SAP Overview
  • Unit Introduction to SAP
  • Unit Basis
  • Unit SAP Services
  • Unit Co-operative Business Scenarios
  • Unit
  • Unit Navigation
  • Unit System-wide Concepts
  • Unit Enterprise Structure
Chapter 2. Manufacturing Planning and Execution for Discrete and Repetitive
  • Unit Introduction
  • Unit Master Data
  • Unit Planning and Execution with Final Assembly
  • Unit Make-to-Stock Production
  • Unit Make-to-Order Production
  • Unit Repetitive Manufacturing/ KANBAN
  • Unit Special Topics
Chapter 3. Classification
  • Unit Introduction
  • Unit Basic Functionality
  • Unit More Functionality
  • Unit Object Dependencies
Chapter 4. Variant Configuration
  • Unit Introduction to Variant Configuration
  • Unit Material Masters, Bill of Material and Routings
  • Unit Integration
  • Content: Variant Configuration
Chapter 5. Basic Data
  • Unit Material Master Records
  • Unit Configuring Material Master Records
  • Unit BOM Management
  • Unit BOM Reporting Functions
  • Unit Variants and Alternatives
  • Unit PP Organization Structures and Basic Data Overview
  • Unit Routing Part 1
  • Unit Work Center
  • Unit Work Center
  • Unit Routing Part 2
  • Unit Work Scheduling in Detail
  • Unit Scheduling
  • Unit Engineering Workbench
  • Unit Summary
Chapter 6. Production Planning
  • Unit Overview
  • Unit Demand Management
  • Unit MRP Run
  • Unit Processing MRP Results
  • Unit Master Production Scheduling
  • Unit Long-term Planning
  • Unit Technical Information on How the Planning Run Works
  • Unit MRP Areas
Chapter 7. Product Cost Planning
  • Unit Introduction
  • Unit Reference and Simulation Costing
  • Unit Material Costing without Quantity Structure
  • Unit Material Costing with Quantity Structure
Chapter 8. Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Unit Overview of Production Types
  • Unit Master Data
  • Unit Planning
  • Unit Material Staging
  • Unit back flushing
  • Unit Evaluations
  • Content: Repetitive Manufacturing
Chapter 9. Production Orders
  • Unit Overview
  • Unit Order Structure and Processing
  • Unit Order Creation/ Order Change
  • Unit Order Release
  • Unit Printing Order Documents
  • Unit Material Staging
  • Unit Order Control
  • Unit Confirmations
  • Unit Goods Receipt
  • Unit Cost Object Controlling/ Order Archiving and Deletion
  • Unit Information Systems
  • Unit Mass Processing and Automation

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