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SAP ABAP-HR is a programming language used in SAP Human Resources (HR) module to develop and customize HR-related functionalities. ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a high-level programming language used in SAP applications for developing business processes and interfaces. Join GB training & placement centre to get best SAP ABAP-HR Training in Chandigarh.

Course content

Chapter 1. Personnel Administration
  • Basic Elements of HR
  • HR Business Overview
  • Why HR module is different from other modules
  • What is Infotype and its structures?
  • Info type Time Constraints and Characteristics
  • Enterprise / Personnel Structure and Configuration
  • Master Data Info types
  • PA40 (Hiring Action) PA30
  • Info Group / Info Group menus
  • LDB’s PNP
  • Using LDB PNP
  • Reporting Category / Report class
  • Reporting-Data Retrieval Techniques in HR
    • Joins/ Projections
    • Use of PROVIDE statement
    • Using select statements, select single
    • Using Function Modules
    • How to use FOR All ENTRIES in reports
    • Debugging HR Program step by step
Chapter 2. Organizational Management
  • Creating PA Info types (PM01)
  • Overview of Organizational Management
  • Object Types and Object Relationships
  • Structures within OM Infotypes
  • Reporting Structures
  • Elevate Method (ToptoBottom)
  • Subordinate Method (BottomtoTop)
  • Creating objects PP01
  • Evaluation path
  • Understanding complete Enterprise structure through PPOSE
  • Program using various OM Function modules
  • Using LDB PCH
  • Finding Manager
  • Structural and Sequential Evaluation coding
  • Creating OM Info types (PPCI)
Chapter 3. OM PA Integration and Time Management
  • Using Select statements in OM’s and writing a report
  • Importance of Integration between OM and PA modules
  • RHINTEXX Reports
  • Differentiating Reports in each modules
  • Audit Log Report
  • Work Schedule
  • Positive and Negative Time management.
  • Reading Time data using LDB’s and by using MODE N specification.
  • Time Evaluation Driver
  • Attendance and Absence Quotas
  • nfotypePA0007/ PA0050/PA2011/PA0416
  • Time Data Reports
Chapter 4. Payroll
  • Overview of Payroll
  • Payroll Driver programs for Different Countries
  • What is Payroll Area and Payroll period?
  • For-period, In-period
  • International Structure
  • Different Cluster tables
  • Cluster tables in Payroll
  • Payroll Runs
  • Active Payroll run
  • Retro Active Payroll run
  • Off cycle Payroll run
  • Types of wage types in SAP: Primary/Technical
  • All about Payroll Control record
  • HR Functions and Operations using in Schema
  • Benefit Info types overview
  • Display of Cluster dataPayroll Result
  • Cluster reading for Payroll results
  • Reporting using standard Function Modules
  • Reading payroll data through GET Payroll event and using LDB PNP.
  • How to Execute Payroll?
  • How to check Payroll results using PC_PAYRESULT
  • How to delete payroll results
  • How to execute payroll in background
  • What is off cycle payroll
  • Payroll processing and working with realtime data
  • Standard Reports in Payroll
Chapter 5. User Exit-Badi’s Dynaction
  • USER EXITS (PA30/PA40/PA70)
    • ZXPADU01
    • ZXPADU02
  • BADI’s
    • T588Z maintenance
    • Creating Infotype
    • Sending email
  • Using sub routines

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