sap abap - workflow course

SAP ABAP-Workflow is a module in SAP’s ABAP programming language that enables the development and customization of workflows within SAP systems. Workflows are a set of automated business processes that help organizations manage their operations efficiently by automating routine tasks and providing visibility into business processes. Join GB training & placement centre to get best SAP ABAP-Workflow Training in Chandigarh.

Course content

  • Workflow Introduction
  • Workflow Architecture
  • Creating Task
  • Organization Structure
  • Agent Assignment Techniques
  • Workflow Runtime Tools
  • Basic Step Types
  • Special Step Types and Methods of Processing
  • Deadline Monitoring
  • Workflow Log
  • Workflow Customization
  • Consistency Check
  • Business Object Repository
  • Workflow Reporting Tools
  • Containers
  • Events
  • Workflow Triggering Techniques
  • Testing a Workflow
  • Business Workplace
  • Trouble Shooting Workflow
  • Real Time Scenario’s with Examples

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