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Web Dynpro (WD) is a proprietary web application technology developed by SAP SE that focuses on the development of server-side business applications. One of its main design features is that the user interface is defined in an entirely declarative manner. The Web Dynpro Framework is a server-side runtime environment into which many dedicated “hook methods” are available. The developer then places their own custom coding within these hook methods in order to implement the desired business functionality. These hook methods belong to one of the broad categories of either “life cycle” and “round-trip”; that is, those methods that are concerned with the life cycle of a software component, and those methods that are concerned with processing the fixed sequence of events that take place during a client-initiated round trip to the server. Join GB training & placement centre to get best SAP ABAP-Web Dynpro Training in Chandigarh.

Course content

Chapter 1. Foundations of WebDynpro
  • HTTP and the World Wide Web
  • Evolution of Web Programming Models
Chapter 2. Model-Based Approach to UI Development
  • Understanding the WebDynpro Framework
  • The Benefits of Model-Driven Architecture
Chapter 3. Technical Integration Concepts
  • Legacy Web and UI Technologies
  • Internet Communication Manager
  • Internet Communication Framework
  • The Web Dynpro Runtime Environment
Chapter 4. Component-Based Software Development Concepts
  • Componentization Overview
  • Characteristics of Software Components
  • Understanding the Positioning of Web Dynpro Components
Chapter 5. Web Dynpro Components
  • Architectural Overview
  • Views
  • Windows
  • Controllers
  • Context and Binding Concepts
  • Web Dynpro Applications
  • Raising sales invoice
  • Incoming payments
  • Cash discounts
  • Down payment
  • Interest calculation
  • Credit memo
  • Dunning
Chapter 6. Controller Development
  • Methods
  • Attributes
  • Contexts
  • Events
  • Actions
Chapter 7. Working with Specific Controller Types
  • The Component Controller
  • Custom Controllers
  • View Controllers
  • Window Controllers
  • Controller Usages
Chapter 8. Web Dynpro Phase Model
  • Handling Actions and Events
  • Web Dynpro Programming Interface Overview
  • Assistance Classes
  • Tool Support for Controller Development
Chapter 9. Working with Contexts
  • Context Data Flow
  • Contexts at Runtime
  • Context Nodes and Context Attributes
  • Defining Context
  • Context Programming
  • Supply Functions
  • Context Mapping and Data Binding
Chapter 10. Windows and Views
  • Windows
  • Views
  • Navigation Concepts
Chapter 11. Basic UI Elements
  • Introduction to UI Elements
  • UI Elements from the Text Category
  • UI Elements from the Action Category
  • UI Elements from the Selection Category
Chapter 12. Advanced UI Elements
  • UI Elements from the Graphic Category
  • UI Elements from the Integration Category
  • UI Elements from the Complex Category
  • Drag and Drop
Chapter 13. Component Usage
  • Working with Faceless Components
  • Working with SAP List Viewer
  • Applying Multi-Component Designs
Chapter 14. User Interaction
  • Defining Input Helps
  • Providing Help Texts
  • Confirmation Dialog Boxes
  • Displaying Messages
Chapter 15. Dynamic Programming
  • Manipulating the Context
  • Modifying the View Layout at Runtime
  • Working with Dynamic Component Usages
Chapter 16. Configuration and Adaptation
  • The Adaptation Concept
  • Component Configuration with the Configuration Editor
  • Application Configuration
  • Personalization and Customization
  • Component-Defined Adaptation
  • Parameterization
  • Accessibility
  • Style Sheets
  • Internationalization and Translation
Chapter 17. Modifications and Enhancements
  • WDA Integration with Enhancement Framework
  • Enhancing Web Dynpro Components
  • Explicit Enhancements in Web Dynpro
  • Adjustments after an Upgrade
Chapter 18. Working with Floorplan Manager
  • Floorplan Architecture
  • Getting Started with Floorplans
  • Working with Configuration Editor
  • Working with GUIBBs
Chapter 19. WDA Integration
  • RIA Integration with Web Dynpro Islands
  • Adobe Flash Islands Integration
  • Microsoft Silverlight Islands Integration
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Integration
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration
  • Consuming Web Services in WDA
Chapter 20. Security Concepts
Chapter 21. Performance Tuning

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